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Welcome to BUFOG Contactee Support. This page is intended specifically for people who believe they have experienced some form of contact. Whether you have seen non-human entities, have had direct communication with them or believe you have been abducted, you are most welcome here. You do not need to be an official BUFOG member, or even live in the UK.

Our Chairman & investigator Dave Hodrien has a good knowledge of contact experiences and is particularly interested in this aspect of the UFO subject. He hosts regular contactee discussion sessions through the chatroom accessed further down this page. We also aim to arrange special one off sessions hosted by renowned contact specialists from time to time.

Due to the often sensitive nature of contact experiences, these sessions are non-public and confidential. You will need a specific user name and password if you wish to access the chat. If you are a contactee and wish to take part, please contact Dave on, providing some brief details of your own experiences, and he will send you the required login details in a reply E-Mail. You will also be able to use the password to post in the Contactee section of the BUFOG forum.

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You are free to use the live chat at other times as well as just the organised sessions. It is active 24/7 and Dave will endeavour to be online most evenings at some point. The chat is typed, you do not need a microphone or webcam. Nothing you say will be used for research purposes unless you give permission for it to be. It is intended as a place where you can openly chat with individuals who have had similar experiences to yourself.

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Note: If you would rather talk with Dave privately about your experiences, please contact him via E-Mail or fill out a sighting report form elsewhere on the site.

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